Meaning of ABLE in English


(CAN DO) [adjective] [after verb; + to infinitive] - (esp. used for tenses that do not use 'can' or 'could') having the physical or mental power, skill, time, money, opportunity, etc. neededWill she be able to cope with the work?He's never been able to admit to his mistakes.I'm sorry that I wasn't able to phone you yesterday.He said that he was having financial difficulties and wasn't able to pay his bills.I love the house - it's wonderful being able to see the sea from my window.The answering machine is able to store messages that are up to two minutes in length. [after verb; + to infinitive]Mary's more/better able to help you than I am.See also ability.The able-bodied are healthy and strong people.It's sometimes difficult for the able-bodied fully to appreciate the difficulties that disabled people encounter in their daily lives.All the able-bodied young men were forced to join the army.

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