Meaning of ABLE in English




able seaman

barely able

She was very old and barely able to walk.

be able/unable to cope

Some young mothers feel that they aren't able to cope on their own.

well able/capable

She is well able to look after herself.




Some, because their interests lie elsewhere, may be barely able to read, and their writing may be rudimentary.

The police jeep and Boynes' vehicle were barely able to squeeze past.

Soon she was barely able to walk and she had oxygen cylinders fitted in her bedroom.

Cantor was barely able to utter this single word, so full of suspense, desire, triumph, and some deviousness.

Still shocked and barely able to move; it's lucky to be alive.

His eyes were glassy and he seemed barely able to keep them open.

I pulled over to the emergency lane, barely able to see the other cars on the road.

By the end of the evening, I was barely able to speak.


No doubt many more boys were up to the same tricks, but convention ruled that they were better able to look after themselves.

As a child becomes better able to generalize across stimuli, schemata become more refined.

Handling and ride in the 5-Series is already legendary, and this engine is better able to make the most of it.

Respondents said the president is better able to handle a variety of issues.

By keeping close to customers, we are better able to service their needs and we can keep ahead of industry trends.

Version 8. 0 also comes with an improved installation routine that is faster and better able to anticipate conflicts.

Flies long exposed to the intruder were better able to cope than those attacked but recently.

The grunts were better able to diagnose the problems of our business than the generals.


be able to stand the pace


an able assistant

Mrs Thomas is a very able teacher.

She was widely regarded as one of the most able members of the president's staff.


Apart from that, if you're able to get about then clearly it's helpful if there's no traffic.

Currently, such creatures are not able to converse, creating instead relationships closer to the family pet.

He would not have been able to put a precise age on the skeleton.

It was being moved, placed where she wanted him, and there was nothing he was able to do about it.

Jasper had said he would be able to spot me in a crowd, to pick me out at once.

Most preschool children are well able to issue instructions.

She needs to be able to reflect on her own behavior, feelings, and tendencies more than the average child.

They should be able to offer you the support you need at an academic and personal level.

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