Meaning of AGONY in English


[noun] - (a state or feeling of) extreme physical or mental pain or sufferingThe people who had been injured in the bomb explosion lay screaming in agony. [U]By not making a decision about what to do, we're just prolonging the agony. [U]I was in an agony of doubt/indecision/suspense. [C]We've both suffered agonies of guilt at what has happened. [C] An (UK) agony aunt (US advice columnist) is a person, usually a woman, who publicly gives advice to people with personal problems, esp. in a regular magazine or newspaper article. A man who does this is sometimes called an agony uncle.An (UK) agony column (US advice column) is the part of a magazine or newspaper where letters from readers about their personal problems are printed, together with advice about how to deal with them.

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