Meaning of BATTLE in English

[noun] [C] - a fight between armed forces, or (figurative) an argument between two groups or against a situation that a group wishes to changeThe Battle of the Somme in 1916 was the bloodiest battle ever fought, with over a million deaths.Her only brother was killed in battle (= while fighting).(figurative) The aid agency continues the battle against ignorance and superstition.(figurative) The two companies fought a fierce battle for control of the market.(figurative) The battle for women's rights still goes on.(figurative) 'Reclaim the night' was the battle cry of women fighting for the right to walk safely at night.No agreement was reached and both sides prepared to do battle (= fight or argue with each other).A battle of wits is when two people or two groups use their intelligence and ability to think quickly to try to defeat each other.A battle cry is a shout given by soldiers as they run towards the enemy or (figurative) a phrase used by people supporting a particular cause.A famous battle cry is 'God for Harry! England and St George!' from Shakespeare's play Henry V.

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