Meaning of BREAD in English


[noun] [U] - a food made from flour, water and usually yeast mixed together and bakeda slice of breada loaf of breadwhite/brown breadgranary/wholemeal breadrye breadsliced breadunleavened bread (= made without yeast)bread rollsThere was nothing in the cupboard but a few crusts of bread.This bread is fresh/stale.Do you bake your own bread?We often have bread and cheese for lunch.See picture: BreadIn some cases, bread can be used in its plural form, breads, to mean types of bread.Supermarkets sell many different breads, from French sticks to pitta bread.(dated slang) I needed some bread (= money) so I worked as a waiter.(formal) He earned his (daily) bread (= earned money to live on) as a top banker in the city.Gardening is my bread and butter (= how I earn enough money to live) at the moment.Bread and butter ideas or problems are the basic things that directly relate to most people.Health and education are the sort of bread-and-butter issues that people vote on.A bread basket is an open container in which bread is put on a table during a meal.A bread basket is also a large farming area of a country or region which produces much more food than it needs locally, allowing it to support other areas.The Eastern Province is the country's bread basket.A (UK and ANZ) bread bin/(US) bread box is a container in which bread is stored.A bread knife is a long sharp knife that has a row of sharp points along one edge and is used to cut bread.See picture: Dining(saying) 'Man cannot live by bread alone' means that people need not just food, but also poetry, art, music, etc. to live happily.

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