Meaning of BREAD in English




a bread basket (= for serving bread )

There was a bread basket on the table.

a bread knife

Will you pass me the bread knife?

be the hottest thing since (sliced bread) (= used about someone or something that is very good and popular, so that everyone wants them )

bread and cheese

Lunch was bread and cheese.

bread bin

bread crumbs

Coat with bread crumbs and bake.

bread rolls

bread rolls with butter

corn bread

French bread

fresh fruit/vegetables/fish/bread etc

The beans are fresh from the garden.

loaf of bread

a loaf of bread

pita bread

pitta bread

sliced bread

He reckons his new mobile phone is the best thing since sliced bread.




A slice of black bread , supple as cardboard.

Sprinkle with the cheese, black pepper and bread crumbs.

I ordered red caviare and black bread and butter and two hundred grams of vodka.

Serve with thin slices of dark or black bread .

Eat it was, the goulash excellent, good black bread , and the wine very passable.

Crushed coriander's heavy odour from black bread on the table.


On home-baked brown bread it takes the place of butter.

The immediate success of these fillings, and the brown bread they came in, reflected John Bull's broadening palate.

He came back with two slices of dark brown bread and a semi-transparent lump of fat on the top.

Why should popular opinion hold that brown bread or brown sugar are so much healthier than the refined, white versions?

Bread is usually white, although she buys wholegrain brown bread occasionally.

Sausages and sauerkraut with brown bread .

And guar improves the texture of brown bread .

Thus creating a succulently flavoured ham that goes perfectly with a watercress and avocado salad and a few slices of brown bread .


There would be a table groaning with smoked ham, with thick succulent slices of cold beef and crusty fresh bread .

Dressed, warm, I move towards crusty bread , fragrant coffee, sweet oranges.

Adjust seasoning, serve hot with salad and crusty bread .

Meals begin with a tall loaf of crusty sourdough bread .

Superb apple pie with sultanas and cloves, interspersed with crusty bread sandwiches of every description.

Anyone who has tasted the sourdough bread made in San Francisco knows about chewy, crusty bread.

A big bowl of salad, some crusty bread and fresh fruit is all you would need to serve alongside.

Tempting as the warm, crusty sourdough bread is, go easy.


We heard this music - Mahler, Webern, Schoenberg - a great deal; it was our daily bread .

For our daily bread accept our praise and hear our prayer.

Murders, theft, rape, calumnies, graft - our daily bread .

No seeker after truth should doubt that his daily bread will be provided.

Our daily bread is concocted by chemists who do not sleep easy at night.

It is our daily bread that we earn when we work.


I sat on the wheelbarrow and sank my teeth into a fresh loaf. Dry bread was the norm.

We sat in our coats and ate a dry meal, bread and cheese.

It went down well, with dry bread to mop up the water.

His breakfast consists of dry bread and a cup of tea.

Felt v. contented but tired. 1230 lunch, carrots, dates, dry bread .

However, don't feed your feathered friends very dry bread , desiccated coconut or salty food.


Sainsbury's have been baking french bread for many years.


There would be a table groaning with smoked ham, with thick succulent slices of cold beef and crusty fresh bread .

We figured perhaps four hundred people would each get a thick slab of fresh bread this morning.

With a piece of fresh bread in his other hand, Jack spooned it all down hungrily.

There were heaps of fresh baked white bread on the tables, gobs of butter, pots of marmalade.

Food Breakfasts are sustaining with fresh bread , cold meats, cheese and coffee.

It seemed to me that I could smell the odor of meatballs and fresh bread coming from neighboring apartments.

The unsliced fresh wholemeal bread performed much better.

The intoxicating aroma of fresh baked bread can, indeed, chase away the blues.


The fried bread surrounding the bacon in the hot plate was simply to create effect and mop up the excess fat.

Then he speared a square of fried bread and dipped it in, turning it about until it was yellow all over.

Sure enough I got mushrooms and fried bread as well as bacon and egg and tomato, and porridge beforehand.

At this moment they were enjoying a sustaining breakfast of sausages, bacon, eggs and fried bread .

His wife, Tessa, ate fried bread and tomatoes.

Bacon, I thought. Fried bread and tomatoes.

Watching a kid fiddling around with fried bread .

Sausages, bacon, eggs, chips, baked beans and fried bread was a man's diet.


The kitchen bread-bin yielded three loaves of wrapped sliced white bread, and a single granary loaf.

Have thick crust pizza, extra potatoes, thick sliced bread or rolls with your meal.

Now, I didn't get it because I was the greatest thing since sliced bread .

White sliced bread versus wholemeal bread is a simple example of this change at work.

He wrote more shampoo, hairspray, deodorant and sliced bread commercials.

On a smaller plate set before Frankie was a sandwich made with thickly sliced bread , best butter and strawberry jam.

She began frying bacon and eggs, then filled the kettle and sliced bread for toast.


The gaoler returned hours later with a cup of brackish water, a bowl of badly-cooked meat and hard, stale bread .

To listener Glenn Gargas, the report was as stale as moldy bread .

Tears were trickling down her cheek and falling on to the stale , dark bread , but she seemed not to notice.

She stopped cooking, and for days the boy and his sisters ate stale bread and tamarind jam by the spoonful.

Jamie was moping around his flat, existing on cups of tea and stale bread toast.

Say what you like, but this stale bread they served here was no substitute.

Non-washable papers just need brushing down or rubbing with stale bread or a soft rubber.

They know what's in the Safeways bag. Stale bread , of course.


The kitchen bread-bin yielded three loaves of wrapped sliced white bread, and a single granary loaf.

Little bitty pieces of white bread with fat greasy meat inside.

Unless you desire the whitest possible loaf, unbleached flour is processed less and certainly white enough for white bread .

The nutritive arguments still stand and I would not make a habit of eating lots of white bread .

At one time in history white bread was too expensive for all but the very rich.

Either way this is a great bread combining both the enjoyment of light white bread with the nutritional benefits of fiber.

Crusty white bread , aromatic black coffee with thick sweet cream and buttery cheese had accompanied them.

Because oat bran is very pale in color, this loaf looks almost like white bread .


So, try wholemeal rather than white bread and fruit juice as opposed to squash.

All the slimmer has to do is to add a daily allocation of skimmed milk and a slice of wholemeal bread .

Dinner or supper consists of three courses; soup, a savoury snack with wholemeal bread and a choice of flavoured desserts.

The diet is a wholesome one; healthy foods such as salads, wholemeal bread and semi-skimmed milk are used.

The unsliced fresh wholemeal bread performed much better.

Eat plenty of wholefoods, such as wholemeal bread , rice and pasta, sugar-free cereals, porridge, nut pulses and seeds.

Mix together all ingredients and pile into a wholemeal pitta or on to a slice of wholemeal bread .

Serve with a wedge of fresh wholemeal bread .



Laura took a large plain loaf from the bread bin , and began slicing it.

She went to the bread bin and seemed to be preparing to make herself a piece of toast.


Bake for 20 minutes or until corn bread tests done.

We just got beans and corn bread .

Unsweetened iced tea, fried catfish, hold the french fries and corn bread .

With such passions flaring inside, I approached the development of corn bread with all due sobriety.

Bake in 400-degree oven 25 to 30 minutes or until corn bread is golden brown.

We had discovered the missing link in the corn bread saga.

Spread the corn bread batter on top of beef mixture and arrange so that the batter is in strips across the casserole.


Roll in bread crumbs and grill for half an hour.

Sprinkle with the cheese, black pepper and bread crumbs .

The swans in the Krasinski Garden were out on the lake and children were throwing bread crumbs to them.

Dredge the fish in the bread crumb mixture, pressing crumbs on a bit to stick.

Add white pepper and paprika, Corn Flakes or bread crumbs , parsley and whole egg and egg whites.

The clams were mostly oil-drenched bread crumbs with a morsel of chopped clam buried at the bottom of the shell.

Will the binder be potato, bread crumbs , mayo or a combination?


When I get to the township, three women have already prepared the bread dough in a bucket.

Thaw bread dough according to package directions.

Aunt Sarah was at the table, kneading the bread dough .

You can not put uncooked grains of rice in a bread dough and expect them to absorb enough moisture to soften.

The bread dough was starting to rise before its time, so Minnie jumped up and tackled the job in hand.

Pizza dough is more oily than a standard bread dough.


Their Chicken Kiev is delicious, and as for their garlic bread ... fabulous!

There was a choice of vegetarian lasagne or lamb stew with baked potatoes, sweet corn and garlic bread .

Close your eyes to that garlic bread literally squelching in butter!

All dishes are served with a choice of garlic bread , jacket potato, new potatoes or french fries.


Serve with crudités or fingers of pitta bread .

Serve with slivers of warm pitta bread .

Serve with warm fingers of pitta bread or Melba toast.

Keep a packet of pitta bread in the freezer, heat up under the grill from frozen and cut into fingers.

This is followed however by pitta bread , a cheese sandwich, crisps and a midnight bowl of porridge.

Garnish with coriander leaves and serve with boiled rice and warm pitta bread .

Use a slotted spoon to fill each pitta bread with the bean mixture.


Mountains of bread rolls surrounded the urn.

Cripps Christmas dinners were not noted for their decorum nor their sobriety and sooner or later the bread rolls began to fly.

Vern actually looked up from his last bite of bread roll as I came back in.

The chef makes tasty bread rolls and grows his own herbs.


The fillings are as generous as their Stateside forebears and the rye bread has a nice, chewy texture.

Even the rye bread is special.

Hot water to drink and rye bread to chew.

There was a time when rye was more abundant than wheat and rye bread was the bread of the masses.

I would wear rags and live upon rye bread and water rather than be a harlot to the greatest man in the world.

So I will give you two ways to make rye bread .

This is chutzpah on rye bread with a side order of pickles and sour cream.

They will cook the fish, eat the sweet warm flesh with chunks of dark rye bread .


Pour egg mixture evenly over bread slices .

Place bread slices flat in pan.



While the strangers slept, Babushka baked some bread and thought about the men.

Like baking bread , you have to know what you are doing to operate a stove.

The most familiar popular smells are probably fresh coffee, newly mown grass, hyacinths and freshly baked bread .

It was a festive occasion and the group had baked its own Communion bread .

In the kitchen Maude was singing softly as she baked bread , its sweet, fresh scent filling the house.

The aroma of hot baked bread also carries with it a built-in pitfall for the unwary.

Felicity bakes the bread , singing.

Two years ago, Earley played tennis, baked bread , sailed on the bay.


It is this insight that is recalled every time Christians have gathered together and broken bread and shred the cup.

It is in the breaking of bread that community is strengthened.

As they broke bread it spurted and dripped blood, and their mirth was the rattle in a dying man's throat.

Holly did not interrupt him, and broke his bread into small pieces and husbanded the crumbs.


She had disappeared after setting out to buy a loaf of bread from a shop near her home.

This time we had not even bothered to buy bread or cabbages.

She bought bread and orange juice and cornflakes and porridge.

First I bought a loaf of bread and salami and made myself ten sandwiches to cross the country on.

Jovana is 16 and works under-the-table, buying bread wholesale and selling it back to small stores.

It was already half-past twelve and unlikely that the lads had taken three hours buying bread .

After lunch I go to buy the bread from Ulrich most days.

The pair of pals would sometimes pop out together to buy bread and newspapers.


Place 2 cups bread cubes in greased dish; top with banana slices, coconut and remaining bread cubes.


She cut bread , spread butter, then Marmite.

So she went to the cupboard and cut herself some bread , which she spread with butter.

Still staring down, he began to cut another square of bread .

But, be warned, when you cut into bread too soon you crush that spirit.

She made herself a cup of tea, cut bread for toast, beat up eggs with grated cheese in a pan.

Stir until smooth. Cut bread into ten pieces.

To reduce weight quickly it is a good idea to cut out bread , potatoes and pasta.


I am too wasted to eat my bread .

I finally got tired of it and vowed never to eat herbed bread again.

Their reasoning is that, if people wanted pure carbohydrates, they would eat bread or pasta.

From that time on she increased her austerities, slept on the earth, and ate only bread and water.

But I do not eat more bread and meat or, let us hope, drink more wine or spirits.

The nutritive arguments still stand and I would not make a habit of eating lots of white bread .


Sneaking across the kitchen she made herself some bread and margarine.

The manufacturer, which makes everything from bread to handguns and auto parts, said it was outperforming the economy in general.

But making bread with large amounts of guar - more than 10 percent - creates problems.

He was a scholar at college and now has become a scholar of what it takes to make exceptional-tasting bread .

Sometimes I used to practise shooting in the garden while she was making bread in the kitchen.

Believe it or not, making great bread takes a lot of thought and subtlety.

We worked hard to get the corn in, and to make a lot of bread .

He spent a whole year bumming from friends, crashing in strange places, selling weed with pals to make his bread .


She put down the bread knife and rested her hands on the table.

I told you put the bread in the refrigerator... keep it fresh.

He put three slices of bread and some sultanas into a polythene bag.

He put another piece of bread in his mouth and chewed.

Jimmy put other slices of bread under the grill.

She put the bread under the grill, and her hands shook.

She put bread on the table.


Trickle a little oil over each salad. Serve with fresh bread .

All of the sandwiches are served on rustica bread baked specially for the restaurant.

Garnish with sprigs of parsley or a few fresh tarragon leaves and serve with crusty bread .

The best deal was an appetizer of a garlicky baked artichoke dip served in a toasted bread boule.

Put under a hot grill for a few moments until golden. Serve with crusty brown bread .

Most people rarely consider the savory muffin, served as a bread course with entrees.

She served me bread , butter, cheese, herring, and tea.


Butter or hard margarine is always spread lavishly on bread .

This paste was then spread over bread and placed underneath the pheasant to collect its juices while the bird was roasting.


He sat by the fire and toasted a piece of bread for himself.

The most interesting is Tramazzine, toasted pocket bread filled with smoked salmon or mushroom.

Emily had turned towards the fire, holding the fork up to the flames, toasting a slice of bread .

The best deal was an appetizer of a garlicky baked artichoke dip served in a toasted bread boule.

You could toast the bread on your cheeks.

Just before you toast the bread , halve, core and thinly slice the pear.

Lightly toast the bread and spread the cheese over the warm slices.

Top with toasted bread crumbs and serve immediately.


dry bread/toast

After a cup of strong coffee and a slice of dry toast, she contemplated the day ahead.

Felt v. contented but tired. 1230 lunch, carrots, dates, dry bread.

His breakfast consists of dry bread and a cup of tea.

However, don't feed your feathered friends very dry bread, desiccated coconut or salty food.

It went down well, with dry bread to mop up the water.

Serve chilled with hot dry toast.

Who wants to count calories and munch on a piece of dry toast at such a time?

the best/greatest thing since sliced bread

Now, I didn't get it because I was the greatest thing since sliced bread.


Please pass the bread .


Afrer two minutes of baking, open the door quickly and spray the bread again.

Complete your meal with a selection of local cheeses, fresh bread and, of course, iced drinks.

For this you have to pretend you are kneading bread .

He put another piece of bread in his mouth and chewed.

In a large mixing bowl, combine bread cubes and milk; let stand for 5 minutes.

Then he speared a square of fried bread and dipped it in, turning it about until it was yellow all over.

We sat in our coats and ate a dry meal, bread and cheese.

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