Meaning of BREACH in English


I. noun


a breach of (a) condition (= an act of not doing what has been agreed )

You can sue the company for a breach of condition.

a breach of an agreement (= an act of breaking an agreement )

Both sides were accusing each other of breaches of the agreement.

a breach of discipline formal (= an act of not obeying the rules )

Being absent without permission was a breach of discipline.

a breach of security (= when something happens that the security should have stopped )

There was a serious breach of security at the prison last Friday.

a breach of the rules formal (= something that is against the rules )

a serious breach of the rules

a whale breaches (= comes up through the surface of the water )

He got a picture of a whale breaching, with droplets of water glittering in the sun.

be in breach of contract (= have done something that your contract does not allow )

breach of confidentiality (= when someone gives away information they have promised to keep secret )

It’s a breach of confidentiality for a priest to reveal what someone has said in the confessional.

breach of contract (= an action that your contract does not allow )

They are suing the building company for breach of contract.

breach of privilege (= a breaking of the rules about what a Member of Parliament can do or say )

breach/violate/contravene a code formal (= break one )

Any companies breaching the code will be expelled from the Association.

flagrant abuse/violation/breach etc

flagrant violations of human rights

heal the wounds/breach/division/rift

Our main goal must be to heal the divisions in our society.

infringement/breach of copyright (= when you break the copyright laws )




At Mansfield a 20 year-old miner went to prison even though unconvicted of any offence for alleged breach of bail conditions.

According to the ITAR-TASS news agency the referendum call was voted down because of alleged breaches in the law during the collection of signatures.


There is widespread anxiety that the Bill may be a clear breach of the Race Relations Act 1976.

This was a clear breach of the understanding on which he had come on a joint mission to the pope.

It soon became clear that breach of confidence was actionable perse, and did not require a contractual relationship between the parties.

This was a very clear example of breach but others are less obvious.

An argument over a lost ball ended in a clear breach of etiquette - a club across the back.

That action is in clear breach of the Local Government Act 1986 and the Widdicombe rules.

All this is in clear breach of the 1952 directive.


An obvious example would be if it reached a decision in flagrant breach of the rules of natural justice.


The courts were generally reluctant to construe an exclusion clause as covering cases of breach of fundamental term or fundamental breach.

A fundamental breach is one which the courts would consider more serious than an ordinary breach.

The third stage, the trial, makes a fundamental breach with the past.

It therefore appears that an exclusion clause can apply, even to cases of fundamental breach and breach of fundamental term.

Secondly, the courts developed the doctrine of fundamental breach of contract.

The request for her to stay away from work for two months out of 12 was not sufficient to amount to a fundamental breach .

These cases are examples of fundamental breach .


If it were not given the Vendor would be liable for any breaches of warranty.

She therefore would not have been liable for breach of contract.

When an agent makes a contract either the principal is liable or the agent is liable for a breach of authority.

Under the Consumer Credit Act the credit card company is also liable for any breach of contract.

The seller was liable for breach of the condition of fitness for purpose.


The Soviet Union can never be a party to the Treaty, and material breach gives no rights to non-parties.

If a Protocol party acts in material breach of the Protocol, who has the right of termination or suspension?

The ruling of incompetency supported Costa Rica's interests in a way that a holding of material breach would not.


The most serious breach occurred in the spring and summer of 1941 as a result of a crisis in the Middle East.

Instead they retain the status of written professional standards. Serious or persistent breach of the standards could amount to professional misconduct.

In serious breaches of these codes, the professional can be struck off the professional register. 5.

How to respond A serious breach of contract by your employer does not itself end your employment.

A more serious breach of ethics came with the publication of a picture of Mitterrand on his deathbed.

In 1965, an undertaking was given that only serious breaches of the Act should be proceeded against.

A serious breach occurred as the result of the Hunger March of 18 October and 1 November 1932.

To confirm the fact was a serious security breach in itself.



In contrast, another survey found that as many as 75% of security breaches are perpetrated by insiders.

This potential security breach has been plugged in most of the new mail systems.

To confirm the fact was a serious security breach in itself.



One alleges breach of contract, unfair business practices and false advertising, among other things.

Paragraph 23 of the statement of claim alleges the breaches by Pantell S.A. of sections 3, 47, 56 and 57.

After a travesty of a trial, Conde was given a five-year jail sentence for an alleged breach of national security.


The police arrested Agu and four others for conduct likely to cause a breach of the peace.

What had caused this sudden breach between father and son?

It can become conduct likely to cause a breach of the peace, or obstruction, or even assault.

Causation in fact deals with the question of whether as a matter of fact the damage was caused by the breach of duty.

Novinpoor admitted conduct likely to cause a breach of the peace and was bound over.


When the inspectors refused to give all the desired assurances the directors claimed a breach of natural justice.

He claimed damages for the breach of contract.

The plaintiff issued a writ against the defendant claiming that a breach of confidence had occurred.


The result of committing the breach would be known all over the neighbourhood and seriously affect the value of the premises.

If one creditor then sues for the balance of his debt he commits a breach of contract with each of those creditors.


The very act of concluding a conflicting treaty would constitute breach and could be treated as such by its other parties.

The Standing might constitute a breach of sacramental etiquette, but it was hardly a breach of the peace.

First, there is direct inconsistency in the sense that compliance with one would necessarily constitute breach of the other.

There is the difficult issue of whether use as opposed to disclosure constitutes breach .

They claimed it was inaccurate, misleading and constituted a breach of journalistic ethics.


Should he try to heal the breach between Andrew Neil and Lamont?

This is presumably because it is seldom possible to heal the breach that is usually created by fighting a legal battle.


This did not involve the breach of any subsisting contract between Acrow and Rex Chainbelt.

It has also shown that these groups of people and institutions have been involved in widespread breaches of the law.

He admitted a further 17 charges involving the breach of computer software and video copyright law.


Their specific duty is to prevent a breach of the peace or to enforce a court order; for example, access.

It must also be remembered that the fundamental duty imposed on the police is to prevent a breach of the peace.


Who will step into the breach ?

Pawelski would like to step into the breach .

So Mrs Thatcher, demonstrating hitherto unsuspected social graces, decided to step into the breach herself.

Mixed, she said, because it had given the theatre the opportunity to invite P.L. O'Hara to step into the breach .

You are very brave to step into the breach .

At the eleventh hour, Halifax has stepped into the breach .


Any well-drafted transfer will therefore provide for the transfer of the right to sue for such breaches .

The owners of the property on which the sign sat sued Bressler for breach of contract.

His remedy was to sue for breach of contract.

Before then, unions could not be sued for breach of these agreements.

She and the company's chairman, Weng You-ming, were being sued for breach of trust in the sale.

He sued for breach of contract.

Fiona is advised by fellow students that she can sue Uncle Tom for breach of contract.

He can not sue the manufacturer for breach of the latter's contract of sale.


Britain could not risk a breach with the U.S. over the trade issue.

In future, six-monthly accounts will be required from those firms that are in breach of the rules.

Selling the product to another distributor is a clear breach of the agreement.

The U.N. says there have been grave breaches of human rights.

This is a clear breach of the 1994 Trade Agreement.

Workers who have lost their jobs plan to sue the company for breach of contract.


Jacobitism Not everyone was reconciled to the breach in the succession that occurred with the Glorious Revolution.

Section 146 distinguishes between remediable and irremediable breaches of covenant.

The former and less serious type is a breach of warranty and the latter is a breach of condition.

The judge found the defendants to have been in breach of the injunction and committed each to prison for four months.

The producer's duty ends here unless there is cause to suspect a subsequent breach .

The second approach is that breach of the statute provides only primafacie evidence of negligence.

The sector with which we are here concerned was thus an exceptional breach in a hitherto all-male part of the labour market.

This follows the usual contractual claim for breach .

II. verb




Any companies which seriously breach the code face expulsion from the Direct Marketing Association, which is behind the new guidelines.

No charges of breaching the Code of Professional Conduct were ever brought.


Faceless, unqualified reviewers define our work, remove our colleagues from panels and routinely breach confidentiality .


At first sight the paradox that liberalism requires not only freedom of contract but also freedom to breach any contract is quickly resolved.

Mr George sued, claiming that the school board had breached the contract .

We know, don't we, that Lamb hasn't been fined so heavily for breaching a harsh contract .

Are other remedies available when one party breaches a contract ?

A teacher who does not abide by its terms also breaches a contract .

When the school board breaches a contract , must the teacher look for another teaching position to collect damages?

School officials can also breach a contract if they attempt to change the terms of a contract after it is in effect.


In certain circumstances, the customer's consent will never constitute a defence to breach of fiduciary duty .

During employment the employee could not use or disclose this information without breaching the duty of fidelity.


To do so would breach copyright laws .

This will include newspaper cuttings and the references referred to above, although taking care not to breach copyright laws .

Programme S.TODAY, 21.10.93SNA A director of a bust timeshare firm has admitted breaching strict consumer protection laws .


If these conditions are met, then the inaccurate data does not breach this principle .


National Westminster Bank has been fined $ 1.12m for breaching regulations on the sale of insurance and investments.

Care needs to be taken that the school doesn't breach the regulations imposed by the Education Reform Act.


Undertakers who breach these rules risk prosecution.

A passing off action will lie to restrain the use of any firm name which breaches this rule .

True, the police do at times breach the rules laid down by the law.

London's complaint that National Power had breached non-discrimination rules was rejected by Prof Littlechild.


At two stores, cars were used unsuccessfully as battering rams to breach security shutters.

The techniques he used to breach computer security systems remain available to others.

It is especially easy for employees to breach a security system.


I hated to imagine what the consequences of breaching this trust might be.

Sam claims her father breached the trust she placed in him and says he is holding on to her cash.


They had to breach the walls at close quarters and then scale them, using ladders and fighting-towers.

One of the earliest explosive devices was the petard, which was a mine used to breach castle walls or gates.

When this exploded, fortunately not fiercely enough to breach the wall of the vessel, the operators realized what was happening.

Amnesty's job is to breach these walls , to discover the truth within, and then to act.

With six thousand Cornishmen he crossed the Tamar and breached the walls of Exeter before being repulsed.


On Friday, flood waters breached the river's banks.

The court ruled that he had breached the terms of the agreement.


He tried a few jokes to breach their blandness.

If these conditions are met, then the inaccurate data does not breach this principle.

One glance also breached his initial prediction.

The oil companies accuse villagers of breaching the pipes to steal the fuel or to claim compensation for the resulting pollution.

They had to breach the walls at close quarters and then scale them, using ladders and fighting-towers.

Undertakers who breach these rules risk prosecution.

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