Meaning of BREAD in English


I. ˈbred noun

( -s )

Usage: often attributive

Etymology: Middle English breed, from Old English brēad crumb, bread; akin to Old High German brōt bread, Old Norse brauth bread, Old English brēowan to brew — more at brew


a. : a food made of a dough of flour or meal from grain with added liquid, shortening, and a leavening agent, the dough being kneaded, shaped, allowed to rise, and baked

b. : bread made from flours other than those of cereals

potato bread

c. : a loaf, biscuit, or cake of sweetened bread dough enriched with eggs and fruit

holiday bread

Easter bread

2. : a loaf, roll, or portion of bread

an altar bread

the breads for the communicants


a. : food

give us this day our daily bread — Mt 6:11 (Authorized Version)

b. : livelihood ; especially : simple necessities without extras

earning his bread as a laborer


(1) : a sustaining element

the price of the bread of health — Mary B. Spahr

(2) : something that is received or accepted in a way felt to resemble accepting or eating food

d. slang : money

Synonyms: see living

- bread upon the waters

II. transitive verb

( -ed/-ing/-s )

1. : to cover with bread crumbs before cooking

a breaded pork chop

2. : to provide with a supply of bread

III. ˈbrēd

variant of brede

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