Meaning of BUBBLE in English


[noun] [C] - a ball of air in a liquid or a delicate hollow sphere floating on top of a liquid or in the airAs water begins to boil, bubbles rise ever faster to the surface.I plunged my arms into the thick bubbles and furiously began scrubbing the pots.I love champagne - I think it's the bubbles that make it so nice.Rosie was out in the garden blowing bubbles.(figurative) She was blissfully happy until one day, suddenly, the bubble burst (= that happy state suddenly ended).(esp. UK) Bubble and squeak is a food made by mixing together and heating cooked potato and cabbage.Bubble bath is a special liquid soap with a pleasant smell that you put in a bath to make lots of bubbles.She was looking forward to a relaxing bubble bath (= a bath with this soap in it) when she got home.Bubble gum is chewing gum that you can blow into the shape of a bubble.(specialized) Bubble-jet printing is a very fast and quiet method of printing in which the ink is directed electronically onto the paper.(trademark) Bubble wrap is a sheet of plastic bubbles that is used for wrapping items in order to protect them, for example, when they are being posted or delivered somewhere.

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