Meaning of BUBBLE in English


I. noun


a bubble bath (= with nice-smelling bubbles in it )

She likes to destress by taking a bubble bath.

a soap bubble

a sink filled with soap bubbles

be brimming/bursting/bubbling with enthusiasm (= be very excited and enthusiastic )

Andrea’s voice was brimming with enthusiasm when she told John her plans.

blowing bubbles

The kids were blowing bubbles in the backyard.

bubble and squeak

bubble bath

bubble gum

bubble jet printer

bubble wrap




Mr Mieno is still talking and acting tough because he is intent on bursting the speculative bubbles in shares and property.

There, a sharp rise in interest rates popped the market's speculative bubble .

It has been suggested that such a speculative bubble may have been responsible for the rapid rise in equity prices in 1987.

Homes became a speculative investment which bubble and burst, leaving thousands without homes or unable to move home.



I have noticed some silvery bubbles on my living rock which look like air bubbles but are solid.

Put the cap on and turn the jar sideways to be sure that there are no air bubbles .

Care must be taken to ensure that there are no air bubbles trapped in the syringe or needle.

The ice was smooth but full of tiny air bubbles .

When you disturbed them the seeds of rose-bay willow-herbs lifted like air bubbles into the beam of light.

The butter coats air bubbles produced during creaming.

They left the fluids overnight to get rid of the air bubbles trapped inside.

Squeeze the dough to release air bubbles and pinch the seam closed.


One reveller was already pouring bubble bath into a huge hot tub so he and his partner could frolic in the suds.

Eating chocolates in a bubble bath .

I would lie for hours in my sea grey with the remains of bubble bath .


When the art bubble burst , prices not only fell in this area, they stopped.

I shall not wait until the bubble bursts .

But the market saturated, the bubble burst , and everyone thought the console business was finished.

After the bubble burst and concerns about the market grew, annual Show results became closely watched indicators of market strength.

Many software and hardware companies enjoyed rapid expansion before the bubble burst and market growth slowed.


As the magma rises towards the surface the confining pressure drops and gas bubbles begin to form and move upwards.

The gas bubbles get trapped if you add flour, lifting the dough and making it porous.

In fluid magmas, such as those of basaltic composition, these gas bubbles can expand freely.

The removal of excess weed can guard against gas bubble disease.


Ginseng bubble gum will come next, for the findesiècle beach blanket set.

My soul is tasty and chewy like bubble gum .

That's what you get for buying your jewellery from a bubble gum machine.

More than half of them said it tastes like melted-down bubble gum , which is an apt description of Josta.

Miguel said, bubble gum clacking in his mouth.


The real innovation is the bubble jet printer in the notebook's casing.


Some of their characteristics can be observed in soap bubbles and films.

These borders continuously shift like the edges of soap bubbles .

It was carnival time, lights and siren, and Sorvino's migraine disappeared like a popping soap bubble .

It looked like a large, wobbling soap bubble .


The tubes are protected in a plastic pouch and bubble wrap .

Insulate the ducts that carry heat to your home with bubble wrap .



That is why you can blow bubbles with soapy water.

She would watch the ball, shading her eyes, and blow a pink bubble .

Felt Hat blows a bubble with her gum.

Bunny or not, he still could not blow bubbles with it.

It will be all downhill after the guests blow bubbles or light sparklers as you leave the church.


burst sb's bubble


Equally, it is no coincidence that we hear a good deal less of it now that the bubble is deflating.

He may respond with a shy smile when mom or dad blows bubbles on his stomach.

If bubbles do not appear, the yeast organisms have died.

No one knew anyone in the other bubble .

Standing back, she watched the bubbles coming up into the bottle.

The bubble in technology shares has deflated.

The tiny bubbles, stirred by her breath, foam up briefly and dissolve.

While it was on top, it lost some of the bubbles and sank to the bottom again.

II. verb




The heater had been adjusted to give a temperature of 76°F, and the filter was bubbling away nicely.

Whitley's goalkeeper Brian Dickson, a chef for a hospital catering company, bubbled away underneath the flat, old-fashioned crossbars.

The leisurely bath has reached just the right temperature and the birthday bath salts are bubbling away beautifully.


And how they bubbled over with enthusiasm.

And then it was Lois at the door, glad to see Ted, bubbling over at him.

Tired eyes flashing in the rearview mirror, childish enthusiasm bubbling over .

Tony Paignton, although only twenty-one and a merry-faced person bubbling over with fun, was an intensely serious young man.

She could certainly bubble over on Occasions but it was never a one-woman show.


Add the white wine and let it bubble up .

Often, it happens because good ideas bubble up from employees who actually do the work and deal with the customers.

It is being discussed on the diplomatic circuit and it will no doubt bubble up at Westminster.

Design after design bubbled up from the Sellers shops.

Clear fresh water bubbled up from a pebble-filled pool, overhung by rocks.

I remember waking up and feel-ing this poncho liner bubbling up a little bit.

Start listening to the subtle thoughts and feelings, the slight shifts in energy, which bubble up from your inner self.



There's a dance culture and lifestyle in Swindon bubbling under the surface just waiting for recognition.

Two more potential crises are bubbling under the surface .

Kath is a pretty dark-haired vivacious girl, whose flashing black eyes warn of the mass of complexities bubbling beneath the surface .

Among the foot soldiers, oft-concealed feelings about service are also bubbling to the surface .

Emotions quickly bubble to the surface .

Toxic substances bubble to the surface destroying vegetation, turning it brown or fluorescent.

He had only to appear and she could feel her emotions bubbling to the surface .


A large saucepan of soup was bubbling on the stove.

When the pancakes start to bubble , flip them over.


A bundle of black walked toward her, round, bobbing, and bubbling with good cheer.

Often, it happens because good ideas bubble up from employees who actually do the work and deal with the customers.

Pure, liquid hatred bubbled behind my eyes.

Santerre bubbled like a stream in spring.

Solar advocates bubble with the possibilities.

Stir in milk and soup and heat until bubbling, stirring occasionally.

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