Meaning of BUBBLE in English


I. ˈbəbəl verb

( bubbled ; bubbled ; bubbling ˈbəb(ə)liŋ ; bubbles )

Etymology: Middle English bublen, bobelen, probably of imitative origin like Dutch bobbelen to bubble, Middle Low German bubbeln, Lithuanian bubsėti

intransitive verb


a. : to form or produce bubbles

soup bubbling in the kettle

b. : to move upward or rise in or as if in bubbles

gases bubbling from the mud

— often used with up

cool water bubbling up from the ground

these questions bubble up from time to time

2. : to flow out or pour out with a gurgling sound suggesting the forming and rising of bubbles

a clear fountain bubbling in the shade

3. : to suggest bubbling water:

a. : to make gurgling or warbling sounds

a nightingale softly bubbling in the shrubbery

her carefree laughter bubbled behind us

b. : to utter as though giving off bubbles either with sparkle and effervescence

songs that bubble with wit and grace

or with persistent monotonous repetition

they bubble of Marx or Disraeli to their dying day — Times Literary Supplement

c. : to be or become lively or effervescent (as with joy) : bubble over

he looked like a good soldier and bubbled with natural joyousness — Alan Sullivan

d. Scotland : blubber , snivel

e. : to be in agitated movement or activity : rise into consciousness usually unexpectedly : churn , stir — used chiefly of intangibles

such contacts soon set his brain to bubbling with new ideas

transitive verb

1. : to utter (as words) bubblingly : express in bubbles or as if in giving off bubbles

she bubbled questions — R.A.W.Hughes

dozens of birds bubbling their joy to the clearing sky


a. : to cause to bubble

bubble cocoa and sugar together in a little water — Better Homes & Gardens

b. : burp

3. archaic : cheat , deceive , delude

4. : to pass (as gas) through some medium in the form of discrete bubbles

II. noun

( -s )

Usage: often attributive

1. : a small globule typically hollow and light: as

a. : a small body of air or gas within a liquid

bubbles rising in champagne

b. : a thin film of liquid inflated with air or gas

soap bubbles

c. : a hollow globule of blown glass (as a small floating bead formerly used for testing the strength of spirits)

d. : a globule (as of air) in a transparent solid

windowpanes marred with bubbles and wavy patches

broadly : such globules constituting an imperfection in glass and resulting from the trapping of air or gas during the melting process

e. : the globule of air in the tube of a spirit level ; sometimes : the tube and its contents

f. : bubble shell

g. Scotland : mucus from the nose

h. : bubble canopy


a. : something that lacks firmness, solidity, or reality : a false show

a dream of what thou wast … a breath, a bubble — Shakespeare

b. : a delusive scheme : a dishonest speculation

the South sea bubble

3. archaic : one readily deceived or tricked : dupe , gull


a. : a bubbling as of boiling or flowing water

we'll not be long, the kettle's just at the bubble

b. : a sound like that of bubbling : a gurgling or warbling song

the cadenced bubble of certain bird songs

III. noun

1. : something (as a plastic or an inflatable structure) that is more or less semicylindrical or dome-shaped

2. : balloon 2d

3. : magnetic bubble herein

- on the bubble

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