Meaning of BUS in English

[noun] [C] [plural] buses or US also busses - a large motor vehicle in which people are driven from one place to anotherI got on the bus outside our house and got off at the shopping centre.You should take the bus/go by bus (= travel by bus) if you want to see the sights.If you want to be bus driver you have to take a special driving test.See also minibus; omnibus (TRANSPORT); trolleybus.(US) A bus boy is a person who helps someone serve in a restaurant, esp. by removing dirty dishes and bringing clean ones.A bus conductor is a person on some buses who takes your money and gives you a ticket.A bus lane is a specially marked wide strip on a road, usually along one or both sides, on which only buses are allowed to travel.A bus-shelter is a place to wait for buses that has a roof and usually sides to prevent you from getting wet if it rains.A bus station is a place where buses start and end their journeys.A bus stop is a place, usually marked by a pole with a sign, where a bus stops to let passengers get on and off.

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