Meaning of BUS in English

n. & v.

--n. (pl. buses or US busses)

1. a large passenger vehicle, esp. one serving the public on a fixed route.

2 colloq. a motor car, aeroplane, etc.

3 Computing a defined set of conductors carrying data and control signals within a computer.

--v. (buses or busses, bussed, bussing)

1. intr. go by bus.

2 tr. US transport by bus, esp. to promote racial integration.

Phrases and idioms:

bus lane a part of a road's length marked off mainly for use by buses. bus shelter a shelter from rain etc. beside a bus stop. bus station a centre, esp. in a town, where (esp. long-distance) buses depart and arrive. bus-stop

1. a regular stopping-place of a bus.

2 a sign marking this.

Etymology: abbr. of OMNIBUS

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