Meaning of BUS in English

/ bʌs; NAmE / noun , verb

■ noun ( pl. buses , US also busses )


a large road vehicle that carries passengers, especially one that travels along a fixed route and stops regularly to let people get on and off :

Shall we walk or go by bus ?

A regular bus service connects the train station with the town centre.

a bus company / driver

a school bus

—compare coach

—see also bus lane , bus shelter , bus station , bus stop , minibus , trolleybus


( computing ) a set of wires that carries information from one part of a computer system to another

■ verb ( -s- or -ss- ) [ vn ]


bus sb (from / to ... ) to transport sb by bus :

We were bussed from the airport to our hotel.


( NAmE ) to transport young people by bus to another area so that students of different races can be educated together


( NAmE ) to take the dirty plates, etc. off the tables in a restaurant, as a job

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early 19th cent.: shortening of omnibus .

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