Meaning of CHIN in English


[noun] [C] - the part of a person's face below their mouthWhite bristles stick out from his unshaven chin.At the age of fifty Thelma still had a firm chin and a smooth neck.To keep the safety helmet in position, fasten the strap beneath your chin.She sat behind the table, her chin resting in her hands.See picture: Head(informal) If you say (keep your) chin up! to someone you are telling them to be cheerful even though they are in a difficult situation.(informal) To take it on the chin is to accept unpleasant events bravely and without complaining.It's no use whining about the pain - you'll just have to take it on the chin and carry on walking.A chin rest is the part of an instrument such as a violin on which a person puts their chin for support while playing. -chinned [suffix]a square-chinned (= having a chin that looks square and strong) film star

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