Meaning of COMMUNITY in English


[noun] - the people living in one particular area or people who are considered as a unit because of their common interests, background or nationalityHe's well-known in the local community. [C]There's a large black/white/Jewish community living in this area. [C]Her speech caused outrage among the gay community. [C]Drug trafficking is a matter of considerable concern for the entire international community (= all the countries of the world). [C]There's a real sense of community (= caring and friendly feeling) in this neighbourhood. [U](specialized) A community is a group of animals or plants that live or grow together.The community is sometimes used to mean the general public.Unlike the present government, we believe in serving the community.A community centre is a place where people who live in an area can meet each other and play sports, take courses, etc.(US) A community chest is an amount of money which has been given and collected by the people of a particular area to help people who are old or ill and in need of help.Community service is work that people do to help other people without payment, and which young criminals whose crime was not serious enough for them to be put in prison are sometimes ordered to do.Community spirit is friendliness and understanding between local people.The presence of so many outsiders has ruined the community spirit.

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