Meaning of COMMUNITY in English


kəˈmyünəd.ē, -ətē, -i noun

( -es )

Etymology: Middle English comunete, from Middle French communité, comuneté, from Latin communitat-, communitas, from communis common + -itat-, -itas -ity

1. : a body of individuals organized into a unit or manifesting usually with awareness some unifying trait:

a. : state , commonwealth

b. : the people living in a particular place or region and usually linked by common interests ; broadly : the region itself : any population cluster

small, compact, homogeneous communities such as the Greek city-state or Elizabethan England — C.D.Lewis

c. : a monastic body or other unified religious group

d. : an interacting population of different kinds of individuals (as species) constituting a society or association or simply an aggregation of mutually related individuals in a given location

a climax community

e. : a group of people marked by a common characteristic but living within a larger society that does not share that characteristic

the Chinese community in New York

the artists' community downtown

the Jewish community in London

especially : such a group politically organized and recognized especially as a separate voting group for election purposes

Sikh and Muslim communities in India

f. : a group sharing a particular economic or social belief and living communally

g. : any group sharing interests or pursuits

a community of scholars

: a group linked by a common policy

a tariff community of small nations

h. : a body of persons or nations united by historical consciousness or by common social, economic, and political interests

the entire Christian community

the European coal and steel community

2. : society at large : public : people in general — used with the definite article

the interests of the community


a. : common or joint ownership, tenure, experience, or pertinence : commonness , sharing , participation

asserts that community of goods would be the ideal institution — G.L.Dickinson

out of the atmosphere of controversy to the community of our love again — Mary Austin

the essential community of interests shared by all branches of learning — G.W.Cottrell

b. : common character : fact of showing a trait or various traits in common : agreement , concord , likeness

although there are varieties, the community of style is still more evident — O. Elfrida Saunders

c. : shared activity : social intercourse : fellowship , communion ; especially : social activity marked by a feeling of unity but also individual participation completely willing and not forced or coerced and without loss of individuality

in order that there may be a community , there must be conscious and purposive sharing — Ernest Barker

d. obsolete : frequent occurrence

e. : a social or societal state

emerging from feral isolation into community

4. : a civil-law partnership or society of property between husband and wife arising by virtue of the fact of marriage or by contract

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