Meaning of COMMUNITY in English


transcription, транскрипция: [ kəˈmju:nɪtɪ ]

n. (pl. -ies) 1 a all the people living in a specific locality. b a specific locality, including its inhabitants. 2 a body of people having a religion, a profession, etc., in common (the immigrant community). 3 fellowship of interests etc.; similarity (community of intellect). 4 a monastic, socialistic, etc. body practising common ownership. 5 joint ownership or liability (community of goods). 6 (prec. by the) the public. 7 a body of nations unified by common interests. 8 Ecol. a group of animals or plants living or growing together in the same area. øcommunity centre a place providing social etc. facilities for a neighbourhood. community charge (in the UK) a tax levied locally on every adult in a community. community chest US a fund for charity and welfare work in a community. community home Brit. a centre for housing young offenders and other juveniles in need of custodial care. community service order an order for a convicted offender to perform a period of unpaid work in the community. community singing singing by a large crowd or group, esp. of old popular songs or hymns. community spirit a feeling of belonging to a community, expressed in mutual support etc. [ME f. OF comunet÷ f. L communitas -tatis (as COMMON)]

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