Meaning of COMPUTER in English


[noun] [C] - an electronic machine which is used for storing, organizing and finding words, numbers and pictures, for doing calculations and for controlling other machinesMany people now have a personal/home computer.All our customer orders are handled by computer.The runners' finishing times are recorded on computer.We need someone who is computer-literate (= has had experience working with computers and knows how to use them) to do this job.She works for a company that produces computer software/hardware.Computer systems can be used to control aircraft.Computer graphics can produce images on a video screen or directly onto film.You can get computer programs which check your spelling for you.Computer dating is a way of helping people find suitable sexual partners by using a computer to match them with people of similar interests.A computer game is a game which is played on a computer, in which the pictures that appear on the screen are controlled by pressing keys or moving a joystick.Computer science is the study of computers and how they can be used.

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