Meaning of COMPUTER in English

Deep Blue CoCo Power Macintosh Microsoft Extended PC AS/400 PC-RT PDP-10 PDP-6 SPARC Xterminal 1 PDP-7 TK-90X HAL Psion Organiser personal computer Personal Digital Assistant diskless workstation Amiga Johnniac SPARCstation 20 DECmate I SPARCsystem 4 Commodore SX64 Commodore 65 Commodore 64 DECstation Commodore 128 RISC System/6000 Altair 8800 analogue computer digital computer palmtop Colossus Difference Engine SPARCstation 10 minicomputer SDS 92 SPARCStation mainframe Risc PC IBM PC IBM 650 Sinclair PC200 IBM 704 IBM 7040 IBM 705 LISA IBM 709 IBM 7090 Archimedes IBM compatible Illiac IV LILLIAC IV Lilith IBM PC AT Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer notebook pocket calculator IBM PCjr IBM PC XT IBM 7094 Apple Newton pre\box Portable Commodore 64 Hyperion ABC IAS Macintosh IIcx Macintosh II Macintosh IBM 360 DREAM 6800 laptop computer IBM 1620 box SMP embedded system Hackintosh Apple II IBM 1710 Laboratory INstrument Computer Mark 1 Harvard Mark II Machine Atanasoff-Berry Computer graphic workstation Scalable Processor ARChitecture supercomputer quantum computer computer Sun-2 Workstation PS/2 compute server Alice Atari Sun-4 Workstation Sun-3 Workstation QL multitasking RT-PC BeBox 3Station Programmed Data Processor BBN Butterfly processor farm ZX-81 Whirlwind ZX-80 Z3 workstation Xerox Data Systems Model 940 VIC-20 TRS-80 ZX Spectrum VAX

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