Meaning of EXTENT in English


[noun] - area or length; amountFrom the top of the Empire State Building, you can see the full extent of Manhattan (= the area it covers). [U]We don't yet know the extent of his injuries (= how bad his injuries are). [U]Rosie's teacher was impressed by the extent of her knowledge (= how much she knew). [U]Marathon runners often have to push themselves beyond the extent (= limits) of their endurance. [U]The River Nile is over 6500 kilometres in extent (= length). [U]People are affected to different extents by what they see on television. [C]The company is in debt to the extent of (= to the amount of) several thousand pounds.Some people hold their beliefs very strongly, even to the extent of being (= so strongly that they are) prepared to go to prison for them.Apes are like people to the extent that they have some human characteristics (= because they have some of the same characteristics as people)Sales have fallen so badly this year, to the extent that (= we have reached the stage where) we will have to close some of our shops.To a great extent/a large extent (= Mostly) people go on holiday there to enjoy the good weather.The rich will not benefit from the proposed changes to the tax system to the same extent as (= as much as) the lower paid.To some extent/a certain extent (= Partly), she was responsible for the accident.The car was damaged to such an extent (= so much) that it could not be repaired.Straightening the road has reduced the risk of accidents and to that extent (= that being so) has made it safer, but it is still dangerous.To what extent (= How much) will the budget have to be modified?

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