Meaning of GLUE in English


[noun] [U] - a sticky substance which is used for joining things together permanently, and which is often made by boiling animal bones and skins or by a chemical processI think we could mend that cup with glue.(figurative) Her father had been the glue holding the family together, and when he died, it quickly fell apart.Glue ear is a medical condition, which is commonly found in children, where the middle part of someone's ear becomes filled with a liquid which prevents them from hearing correctly.Over half of all children in Britain get glue ear at some time before they are 16, and it can lead to permanent hearing loss.A glue-sniffer is someone who breathes in the gases that are produced by some types of glue, in order to produce an excited mental condition which feels pleasant but is very dangerous.Today sees the launch of a government advertising campaign to discourage glue-sniffing.

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