Meaning of HIGHWAY in English


[noun] [C] US and ANZ, [UK] [formal] - a public road, esp. an important road that joins cities or towns togetherMy new car gets 53 miles per gallon in the city and 58 mpg on the highway.230 of the 712 highway fatalities in Queensland last year were alcohol-related.(formal) Five people have been charged with obstructing the highway during a peace protest in London last weekend.We drove along the coastal highway from Sydney to Newcastle.Everyone with a car knows that the interstate highway system needs major repairs.See also superhighway.I felt I had travelled along every highway and byway (= every road) in Yorkshire.(UK) The Highway Code is the set of government rules, published in a small book, which have to be obeyed by drivers using public roads in the UK.You'll fail your driving test if you don't learn the Highway Code.

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