Meaning of HIGHWAY in English




divided highway

Highway Code

highway patrol

highways and byways (= the important and less important parts )

a scholar exploring the highways and byways of Russian music

the Highway Code (= the official rules about driving in Britain )

You will be tested on your knowledge of the Highway Code.

three-lane motorway/highway/road




Concession to operate coal mines, oil fields, federal highways and three railway lines were also to be auctioned.

The conservatives also succeeded in rejecting an affirmative action program aimed at hiring more minority subcontractors on federal highway projects.

I want my share of state and federal highway funds.

States that failed to comply faced the threat of losing federal highway funds.


This goal of the interstate highway system had been frustrated by varying drinking ages among the States.

It was an interstate highway , up on stilts, that flew over the houses and through the burning air.

Some favor the interstate highway model, with government construction, ownership, and maintenance.

Upstairs alone, Petey could fling open everything and build an interstate highway .

In the 1950s, we launched construction of the vast interstate highway system.

Strategists viewed the trail as an interstate highway , a monolithic artery that could be severed.

The Eisenhower-era interstate highway system is crumbling and buckling and full of noisy, angry trucks.

From the interstate highway which runs nearby, nothing about this bluff looks any different from thousands of others.


Presently it led them from the main highway to minor roads and country lanes.

The alternative was to ride along the main highways , which tend to hug the flat land along valley bottoms.

The Jaguar slowed down and he pulled off the main highway into a side road.

The quake caused landslides along main highways in central and western El Salvador.

Electronic tolls could replace fuel and vehicle taxes as the main form of highway revenue.

With a series of sharp whistles, the cowboys steer the last few stray cattle off the main highway .

Security forces blocked the miners from advancing towards the main Istanbul-Ankara highway .


Radical urban restructuring involving major highway schemes was at an end.

Malls and major highways are favorite spots.

Michelle had done this before; she knew it was close to a major highway headed upstate.


The layout of roads was a technical matter for surveyors and engineers, though new highways had town-planning significance.

One example Luchian cited involves adjustable speed-limit signs on the new highways .

They will carry over 1000 sections of a new four-lane highway across the river Lagan.

He said he hoped a new highway bill could be passed by Easter.

They were protesting against a new highway code and a points-system driving licence.

Government expenditures can reabsorb these resources in the production of guided missiles, military aircraft, and new schools and highways .

But outside these specially protected areas concern mounted at the architectural ravages of commercial development, particularly in association with new highway requirements.


In suburbia, however, the scourge of the skips tends to descend on the public highway in spring and summer.

The same applied to traditional football except that in this case legislation merely banned the game from the public highway .

So just what are the rules, regulations and guidelines governing the depositing of skips on the public highway ?

Playing any instrument was taboo, but playing it along a public highway - shocking.

All citizens have the right to use the public highway .



Currently highways authorities and main services providers are allowed to cause chaos by digging up roads whenever and wherever they wish.

The petition also wants the highways authority to leave in place the signs prohibiting heavy vehicles over 7.5 tons.


Assessment of highway construction materials at source, during production and construction processes and under working environments.

Governments are shifting the way they fund highway construction .

Governments spend hundreds of billions of dollars this way every year-on health care, on highway construction , on building maintenance.

But giant telecommunications firms that have already pledged tens of billions for highway construction favor a less regulated market.

For example, gasoline taxes are typically earmarked for the financing of highway construction and repairs.


The highways department has also ruled out police-style speed detector guns because of inaccuracy.

The cameras will be operated by the highways department of Essex County Council and Essex police.


Sort of like a toll plaza on the information highway .

In short, get ready for another wild ride on the information highway in 1997.

The information highway is a rough road at best.


The police highway patrols use white Porsche cars.

It may be called the state police, state troopers, militia, the rangers or the highway patrol .


At the end highway robberies , riots and an unspecified sense of comeuppance is what we are left with.

The constable left in charge of Burford was reluctant to take any action, even when Seb reported the highway robbery at Swinbrook.

This brother-in-law was eventually hanged for highway robbery .

A matter of murder-more than one murder, highway robbery and probably the rape of a young girl too.

She says it's highway robbery .


Subject to congressional approval, it proposed increased spending on highways , mass public transport systems, bridge improvement and highway safety programmes.

That kind of freewheeling discussion is the norm in other realms where public health is the issue, such as highway safety .

He instructed the Transportation Department to develop a plan to promote highway safety .

When Congress acted, highway safety advocates predicted the higher speed limits would lead inevitably to more fatalities.


Then a Montana state highway cop, with no sirens going.


This goal of the interstate highway system had been frustrated by varying drinking ages among the States.

Far from complete, the I-way is quickly acquiring new on-ramps and even small highway systems .

In the 1950s, we launched construction of the vast interstate highway system .

The Eisenhower-era interstate highway system is crumbling and buckling and full of noisy, angry trucks.



A vast monument is being built 400m from the highway where Rodrigo had his fatal accident.

Serrell was given a contract to build a highway suspension bridge over the Niagara between Lewiston and Queenston.

Work is already under way on 72 of these centres, which will be built along the highways of the country.

Upstairs alone, Petey could fling open everything and build an interstate highway .

So I was seduced into becoming a volunteer on the grand project of building a highway through the interior of the country.

The California Department of Transportation negotiated franchise agreements with four private consortia to build toll highways .

When Congress appropriates money to build a highway , it is entitled to insist that the highway be a safe one.


The moment the provincial boundary was crossed the washboard highway flattened into smooth, perfectly maintained blacktop.


I watched her drive out on to the highway , thinking many things which are better kept to myself.

But real-world driving conditions on highways in the South Coast Air Basin are different.

I stop at the drive-in bank then I drive out the highway to the lake to pick up my date.

Truly fun to drive on highway trips.

It is over-inclusive be-cause it stops teenagers from drinking even when they are not about to drive on interstate highways .


No, the bus stops on the highway and I have to walk across that damn prairie all by myself.

The motorist slammed into the back of a tractor-trailer rig whose driver had stopped on the highway shoulder, said Capt.

He persuaded me during an extended conversation we had one evening while stopped along the highway near Mayer, south of Flagstaff.


To be sure, what travels on the electronic highways is limited, often flawed, and occasionally deceptive.

You must travel across this highway , whether you are an organization purchasing supplies or a consumer ordering a movie on demand.


A few miles further on we turned abruptly off the highway and the Range Rover sped into the desert leaving landmarks behind.

He turned on to the highway , speeding away from the city.

Six kilometres short of Poltava we turn aside from the highway into a colony for homeless vagabond children run by Anton Makarenko.


I got onto the highway and drove as fast as I could.

There's a rest stop somewhere on Highway 61.


A collection of Arizona tales organized by the highway you drive to see their settings.

After all, Woodforde's on the highway into the city.

Associated with this is the cross comparison of highway and rail investment on the same cost benefit basis.

One story had Mix trailering his famous steed as he sped along the highway .

That kind of freewheeling discussion is the norm in other realms where public health is the issue, such as highway safety.

The four-lane highway curved and straightened and curved.

The governor will unveil an extraterrestrial-themed highway sign, and a panel discussion by UFOlogists will ensue.

Travellers today can cross the Alps in less than a day due to the excellent highways and railroads.

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