Meaning of NEXT in English

[adjective] [not gradable], [pronoun] - being the first one after the present one or after the one just mentioned, or being the first after the present momentWho works in the office next to yours?Go straight on at the traffic lights and then take the next turning on the right.They've only just recovered from their last party and they're already planning the next one.The opinion poll found that law and order is the most important political issue for voters and education is the next most important.I originally wanted to work in television but I ended up in radio which is the next best thing.Who do you think will be the next president?Nothing really changes around here. One day is pretty much like the next.I gave her a cigarette and the next moment she was gone.I'm so busy I can hardly remember what I'm supposed to be doing from one moment to the next.I'll be on holiday for the next couple of days."What do you think she'll say the next time that happens?" "Maybe there won't be a next time."You'll have to wait until your next birthday for a new bike.(The) next time you want to borrow something, please ask me first.Can we arrange a meeting for the week after next?What do you think you'll be doing this time next year?We had a dreadful argument in the restaurant, but he phoned me the next day (= the day after) to apologise.Who's next, please?Excuse me, it's my turn to be served - I was next.We've arranged ourselves a mortgage, so the next step (= what we need to do next) is to find a house to buy.She is widely regarded in the company as the next managing director but one (= the person who will follow the person who follows the present one)."So he's decided to get married at last. Whatever next!" "Children, I expect."I enjoy winning awards as much as the next person (= as much as anyone would enjoy it), but other things are more important to me.If you live next door to someone, no one else's home is between your home and their home.A Russian couple have just moved in next door.Who lives next door to you?There was a lot of noise coming from next door last night.Margot and Mike are our next-door neighbours.(figurative) Would you want to live next door (= very close) to a nuclear power station?(figurative UK) If you're asked to resign from your job it's next door to (= nearly the same as) being fired.Your next of kin are your closest relatives and the people who will take responsibility for things such as funeral arrangements when you die.The names of the three soldiers who were killed have not yet been released, but their next of kin have been informed.

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