Meaning of NEXT in English

I. determiner


first/second/next etc in line for

He must be first in line for the editor’s job.

last/current/coming/next fiscal year

last/next summer

He visited Brittany last summer.

live next door to

A rather odd family came to live next door to us.

next door

Have you seen next door’s new car?

next door

the boy next door

next Friday (= Friday of next week )

Her appointment is next Friday.

next in line to the throne (= will become king when the present ruler dies )

He is next in line to the throne .

next in line

The woman next in line began to mutter to herself.

next Monday (= Monday of next week )

Shall we meet next Monday?

next month

The movie will be released next month.

next of kin

May I have your name, address and next of kin, please?

next Saturday (= Saturday of next week )

Ask her yourself next Saturday.

next Sunday (= Sunday of next week )

We’ll announce the winners next Sunday.

next Thursday (= Thursday of next week )

I’ll see you next Thursday.

next to

There was a little girl sitting next to him.

next Tuesday (= Tuesday of next week )

Shall we meet next Tuesday?

next Wednesday (= Wednesday of next week )

I can let you know next Wednesday.

next week

The wedding is next week.

next weekend

I'm going to Palm Springs next weekend.

next year

I might go to law school next year.

next/last April

I’m going to Cuba next April.

next/last August

I was there last August.

next/last December

Last December they visited Prague.

next/last February

Mum died last February.

next/last January

I haven’t heard from him since last January.

next/last July

Laura came over to England last July.

next/last June

I finished school last June.

next/last March

She started work here last March.

next/last May

She started work here last May.

next/last November

He started work here last November.

next/last October

We moved in last October.

next/last September

I haven’t heard from him since last September.

pass sth from one generation to the next

Traditional customs are passed from one generation to the next.

sb’s next move (= the next thing someone does )

What should happen next? What’s our next move?

second/next to last (= last except for one other )

the second to last paragraph

starting (from) now/tomorrow/next week etc

You have two hours to complete the test, starting now.

the last/next century

The boats were built in the last century.

the last/next few

The office has been closed for the last few days.

the next chapter

This theme will be developed in the next chapter.

the next generation

People want to pass on money to the next generation when they die.

the next morning/the following morning

His meeting was not until the next morning.

the next room (= the one beside the one you are in )

Someone was laughing in the next room .

the next step

He met in Washington with his campaign advisers to plan his next step.

the next/previous page

I glanced back to the previous page.

What’s on the next page?

the next/the following day (= the day after something happened in the past )

The story was in the newspaper the following day.

top/bottom/next etc shelf

Put it back on the top shelf.

Whatever next?

‘Did you know she’s dyed her hair orange?’ ‘ Whatever next? ’


be first/second/next etc in line to the throne

better luck next time

Ah well, better luck next time, Andy.

And if you didn't win, better luck next time.

Back to the West Indies with it, and better luck next time.

come July/next year/the next day etc

in no time (at all)/in next to no time

next door to sth

next of kin

The college need to know your next of kin in case something happens to you.

The police will not release the dead man's name until his next of kin have been informed.

All that will be sorted out by the social workers who are trying to find his next of kin .

He would want to write a letter to Stephen's next of kin , if such a person existed.

His identity is being withheld pending notification of next of kin .

If there is no Will, the next of kin should decide.

In cases like that it's the next of kin they want.

Instructions for my next of kin and executors upon my death.

Urgent plans were being made at the London office to fly next of kin to Katmandu tomorrow.

We only give out names if we know that relatives and next of kin have been informed.

next to impossible/useless etc

As a waterproof it was next to useless.

But counting the dead is next to impossible.

But he quickly learned that at his age it was next to impossible to find a professional job in San Francisco.

Buying such a processor for less than $ 400 is next to impossible.

Further, genuine educational change in these settings is next to impossible given the logistical difficulty of just getting the staff together.

In the early months, this restraint was next to impossible for them to achieve.

next to nothing

I learned next to nothing at school - the teachers were awful.

It costs next to nothing to go to an afternoon movie.

My parents know next to nothing about the men I date.

Phil earns next to nothing.

The company's profits climbed from next to nothing to $6 million in just two years.

A drive down Highway 880, past the Coliseum complex, reveals next to nothing new.

For he was obliged now to concentrate on what he was doing, even if it was next to nothing.

I know next to nothing about Belinda, but I must ask him how she died.

It was nuts-and-bolts work, with a salary next to nothing, but he was prepared to bear the sacrifices.

Its high rise flats are steeped in monotonous poverty: families survive on next to nothing, heroin is a hard currency.

We know next to nothing about philosophy thanks to television, but lots about the nocturnal habits of cute animals.

one minute ... the next (minute) ...

one moment ... the next/from one moment to the next

the last but one/the next but two etc

the next best thing

If I can't be home for Christmas, this is the next best thing.

He can't ask them, so he is doing the next best thing.

I guess they figured calling their game Arnie was the next best thing to having a blockbusting movie title.

It is the next best thing to crossing the deserts of the world oneself.

The new switch is the next best thing we could do to moving.

The room is the next best thing to being outside.

Video may seem like the next best thing to being there, but electronically mediated interactions are different from real-life meetings.

We do, however, have the next best thing: a place to go for more information.

We went to the bookshelves to find the next best thing.

the next life

For Tutankhamun was buried with everything he might need in the next life .

Perhaps only in the next life .

When friends parted, they exchanged loans of money to be returned in the next life .

the next minute

But the next minute there were shrieks.

For the next minute Diana and the old soldier stood laughing delightedly together.

One minute he could be smiling and joking, the next minute he could be exploding.

One moment he was against lawsuits, the next minute his team filed one.

Then the next minute he's swearing.

II. adverb




Meanwhile the audience contemplates his grand opus, wondering what comes next .

Even as I thanked her for her help, I foresaw, with despair, what was going to come next .

He urged me when I next came to Moscow to see him in the role of Handel at MKhAT.

When the Open next came to the Old Course, in 1970, and Nicklaus won, they showed respect and admiration.

When Bowman next came on watch it had vanished completely.

Trapani, on Sicily's western tip, comes next with 982 members.

Of course Polly knew what was coming next .


They stood staring at each other, neither of them really knowing what to say or do next .

I stopped dead in my tracks, unsure of what to do next .

On the other hand, there was the question of what to do next , regarding Rakhat.

So what will he do next ?

But what should Mike Reid do next ?

What are you going to do next ?

These shortcomings are most frustrating when it comes to the vital question of what to do next .

Joo-Han did not know quite what to do next , whether to plead with him or just leave.


What made her story so remarkable is what happened next .

What happened next is colored by the tendency already mentioned for revivalists to paint the immediate past in darkest hues.

What happened next shows his underworld influence.

Propriety prevents a description of what happened next .

This does not mean that you go back to being passive and just being resigned to whatever happens next .

I sometimes nudge Miles and Evan to join me in wondering what 47 will happen next in a story.

What happened next remains a blur.

I wanted to see what would happen next .


This struck me this afternoon, lying next to her, I looked her full in the face and stroked her hair.

He lay next to me stiff as wood.

The pencil lying next to the books acts as the fulcrum, or rotation point.

He needs me to lie next to him.

I would wake up first and lie next to her listening to her breathing.

I feel sick thinking of my baby lying next to, gaining comfort from, the artificial dead.

Analogous colors are those that lie next to one another on the wheel.


Inside was rather lengthy letter from a nudist who lives next to Bonaventure cemetery.


Its policy makers next meet Feb. 1.

Its policy makers next meet on Jan. 30 and 31.

Central bank policy-makers next meet to consider cutting interest rates on Jan. 30 and 31.

Fed officials next meet to consider interest rates at the end of January.


And then moved next to the girl.


This was mid-June, and in the nearby fields, next season s crops were maturing.

No one thinks Jody will have a good season next year.

There has been speculation the Clippers might leave their current home, the Sports Arena, for Anaheim next season .


Cliff, smaller and curly-haired, seated next to Ken, gave a snort of laughter.

Doll Cooper was seated next to him, at one end of a long couch.


George came and sat next to him.

I smiled at them and one came over and sat next to me and asked me who my favourite Spice Girl was.

She sat next to him at dinner that night and engaged him in a lively discussion of rope walking.

I sat next to a personable young man named Yong Yoon, who was not a typical bureaucrat.

Steve had always been particularly friendly to me, and I had often sat next to him.

Ahtonia sat next to her, holding her hand.

My mother admired Pastor Braun and often sat next to him.


I have spent years using buses, and seem to have a knack of sitting next to some very odd people.

The doctor explained that to You, Jack, I was sitting next to you when he said it.

I was sitting next to Terri-a black wolf prowling the night.

Sitting next to me Roberts gave off the physical communion one usually receives from a woman.

The lady sitting next to my mother began trying to inch her off the seat.

Anticipate that some one three times the size of an economy-size seat will be sitting next to you.

With the volunteers sitting next to him, this student began writing.

Boris, sitting next to me, was getting more and more agitated.


It drove him mad to think of a stranger standing next to our beds at night, and him asleep.

Her brightening of mood seems largely inspired by the light bulb she has been standing next to.

As I stood next to the coxless fours crew, I felt dwarfed.

For a while she stood next to the coal stove and warmed her hands on the backs of her legs.

The most widely distributed Shas tract shows a smirking Weizman standing next to a grim-looking Deri behind bars.

Jody yelled at Kim, even though they were standing next to each other.

Richard Lombu, standing next to a freshly dug mass grave, also remembers the scene.

Dad stood next to her and smiled with pride.


The folks who ran the place were nice enough, offering me a free meal next time .


Can you remember what happened next ?

Everyone started fighting and someone threw a bottle. I forget what happened next .

First you need to select the text you want to move. Next , click on the "Move" command at the top of the screen.

First, chop up two large onions. Next , fry them until they are golden brown.

Heat the chocolate until it melts. Next , pour it into the molds and leave to cool.

What do I do next ?

Which of the candidates shall we interview next ?


A building next to the lab was being demolished.

A few seconds later, Erma Bombeck gave up her first class seat and slid into the coach seat next to me.

Danang was pushed next to the sea and all the land around it had been stripped of trees.

Her brightening of mood seems largely inspired by the light bulb she has been standing next to.

I smiled at them and one came over and sat next to me and asked me who my favourite Spice Girl was.

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Retribution spawns revenge and the president is up next .

Such children are likely to be more comfortable right next to their teacher than joining in the unstructured games of childhood.

III. pronoun


Jamie was next in line.

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