Meaning of PARKING in English


[noun] [U]His car was towed away for illegal parking (= leaving a vehicle in a place for a period of time).Please do not park your car outside the marked parking bays.Parking fines are given for parking offences/violations.You can't leave your car here unless you have a parking permit.It took me ages to find a parking place/space.Is there any parking (= space in which you can leave your vehicle) in the village itself?(US) Parking brake is US for handbrake.(US and ANZ) Parking light is [US and ANZ] also for sidelight.(US and ANZ) A parking lot is an outside car park.See at car.A parking meter is a device at the side of the road that you put money into so that you can leave your vehicle there for a particular amount of time.See picture: Meters and gaugesA parking ticket is a notice which might be put on your vehicle when you leave the vehicle in a place where it is not allowed to be, and which tells you that you must pay a particular amount of money as punishment.I got another parking ticket this morning!

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