Meaning of PARKING in English

/par"king/ , n.

1. the act of a person or thing that parks, esp. a vehicle.

2. space in which to park vehicles, as at a place of business or a public event: There's plenty of free parking at the stadium.

3. permission to park vehicles: Is there parking on this side of the street?

4. the activity or occupation of a person who operates or works in a parking lot, garage, or the like.

5. See parking strip .

6. Informal. the act of kissing and caressing in a parked car: Some of the couples went parking on their way home from the dance.


7. of, pertaining to, used for, or engaged in parking, esp. of vehicles: parking regulations; a parking ticket; a parking space; a parking attendant.

[ 1520-30; PARK + -ING 1 , -ING 2 ]

Random House Webster's Unabridged English dictionary.      Полный английский словарь Вебстер - Random House .