Meaning of PENCIL in English

[noun] [C] - a long thin usually wooden object for writing or drawing, with a sharp black or other coloured point, made from a type of carbon, at one enda box of coloured pencilsa notebook/notepad and pencilpens and pencilsShe got a pencil and paper, and wrote down the address.He sat with his pencil poised, ready to take notes.The pencil's blunt - you'd better sharpen it (= make its point sharp).Write your comments in the margin of the report in (= using) (blue) pencil.Both diamonds and pencil lead, or graphite, are made of pure carbon.See picture: Pens and pencilsPencil is used to refer to things that are used for pencils.a pencil box/casea pencil sharpenerPencil can also be used to refer to something that has been drawn with a pencil.pencil sketches/drawingsCut on or just inside the pencil line (= line drawn to show you where to cut).Some types of make-up come in the form of a eyebrow pencila lip pencilA pencil of light is a thin beam of light.A pencil of light showed as the door opened slightly.To put/set pencil to paper is to write.Everyone should put pencil to paper and complain about the proposal.(US informal) A pencil pusher is a pen pusher; see at pen (WRITING DEVICE).A pencil skirt is a long narrow skirt.If something is pencil-thin, it is very thin.a pencil-thin fashion model

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