Meaning of PENCIL in English

/ ˈpensl; NAmE / noun , verb

■ noun

[ C , U ] a narrow piece of wood, or a metal or plastic case, containing a black or coloured substance, used for drawing or writing :

a pencil drawing

I'll get a pencil and paper.

She scribbled a note in pencil .

coloured pencils

—see also eyebrow pencil , propelling pencil

■ verb

( -ll- , NAmE -l- ) [ vn ] to write, draw or mark sth with a pencil :

a pencilled portrait

A previous owner had pencilled 'First Edition' inside the book's cover.


- pencil sth/sb in



Middle English (denoting a fine paintbrush): from Old French pincel , from a diminutive of Latin peniculus brush, diminutive of penis tail. The verb was originally (early 16th cent.) in the sense paint with a fine brush .

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