Meaning of PHANTOM in English


[noun] [C] - a spirit of a dead person believed by some to visit the living as a pale, almost transparent form of a person, animal or other object; ghostOver the years several phantoms have been sighted in the five-hundred-year-old cottage.A phantom coach is said to pass through the grounds of this house when there's a full moon.(humorous) The phantom wine-drinker has been around - this was almost a full bottle when I put it in the fridge (= an unknown person has been drinking the wine)!Phantom also means appearing to exist, although in fact it does not.Although she had to have her leg amputated, she still feels as though she's got a phantom limb.They discovered it was a phantom organization set up for the processing of drug profits.(UK and ANZ) Although she grew bigger and felt ill, she later discovered it was a phantom (US false) pregnancy.

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