Meaning of POPULATION in English


[noun] - all the people living in a particular country, area or placeTen per cent of the population lived in poverty. [U]During the Second World War the population was/were issued with gas masks. [U + singular or plural verb]The population of (= number of people living in) Cairo in 1992 was approximately 6 500 000. [U]The war has led to the biggest movement of population (= people) since 1945. [U]Throughout the war, there were horrific casualties amongst the civilian populations of both countries. [C]The UN is investigating new methods of population control (= limiting the growth of the number of people). [U]The country is facing a population explosion (= sudden growth in the number of people). [C]Population is also used to refer to all the people or animals of a particular type or group who live in a particular country, area or place.There's been a 9% rise in the prison population (= the number of people in prison).The measures will affect the entire population of the area.The dolphin population has been decimated by tuna fishing.

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