Meaning of PYRAMID in English

[noun] [C] - a solid object with a flat, often square, base and four flat triangular sides which slope inwards and meet to form a point at the topSee picture: ShapesThe Pyramids in Egypt are stone structures of this shape which were built in ancient times as places to bury esp. kings and queens.The Great Pyramid is made of 2.5 million stone blocks.A pyramid is also a pile of things which has this shape.The acrobats formed a pyramid by standing on each other's shoulders.Many organizations have a pyramid structure (= there are fewer people at the top levels of them than there are at the bottom).(US) A pyramid scheme is a way of deceiving investors in which money that a company receives from new customers is not invested for their benefit, but is used instead to pay debts owed to existing customers.(UK and ANZ) In business, pyramid selling is when someone buys the right to sell a company's goods, and then sells part of that right to someone else for a profit.

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