Meaning of PYRAMID in English

I. ˈpirəˌmid, in rapid speech sometimes -rˌm- noun

( -s )

Etymology: Latin pyramid-, pyramis, from Greek


a. : an ancient massive structure of huge stone blocks found especially in Egypt having typically a square ground plan, outside walls in the form of four triangles that meet in a point at the top, and inner sepulchral chambers

b. : any architectural structure (as a spire or pinnacle) of similar form

c. : an ancient truncate pyramidal structure found in Mexico and Central America that served as a foundation for a building or a platform for an altar

2. : a polyhedron having for its base a polygon and for its other faces triangles with a common vertex — see volume table

3. : an object or figure of pyramidal form or with the shape or profile of a pyramid

a pyramid of cartons

the frosty pyramid of a well-shaped blue spruce


a. : a tree pruned and trained in pyramidal shape

b. : a crystalline form each face of which intersects the vertical axis and either two lateral axes or in a tetragonal system one lateral axis — compare dipyramid

c. : an anatomical structure resembling a pyramid: as

(1) : a petrous bone

(2) : a conical projection making up the central part of the inferior vermis of the cerebellum

(3) : pyramid of the medulla

(4) : malpighian pyramid

d. : one of the five large vertical sections of the Aristotle's lantern of a sea urchin

e. : pyramid shell


a. : verse in which the succeeding lines increase in length

b. : a graphic representation of a statistical distribution (as of a population on the basis of age and sex categories) that has essentially the form of a triangle or wedge

c. : a tridimensional diagrammatic representation representing sensory relationships

5. : an English pool game played with 15 red balls and a white cue ball in which the player pocketing the most balls wins but loses a point each time he pockets the white ball or misses his aim


a. : an immaterial structure built upon a broad supporting base and narrowing gradually to an apex (as of power, dominance, or significance)

families at the base of a socioeconomic pyramid


(1) : a group of holding companies superimposed one on another to give those in control of the top holding company control over the whole pyramid with a small investment

(2) : the series of operations involved in pyramiding on an exchange

c. : chain letter

[s]pyramid.jpg[/s] [

pyramid 2


II. verb

( -ed/-ing/-s )

intransitive verb

1. : to assume or to become disposed in the form of a pyramid


a. : to enlarge one's holdings on an exchange on a continued rise by using paper profits as margin to buy additional amounts

b. : to superimpose holding companies so as to reduce the investment required to control enterprises

3. : to increase rapidly and progressively step by step on a broadening base that supports a concomitant upward trend

demand for more efficient insecticides continues to pyramid

transitive verb

1. : to arrange, place, build up, or construct in a pyramidal form or as if upon the base of a pyramid : heap up

pyramid arguments upon a hypothesis

pyramided his gains by careful reinvestment

2. : to use or to deal in (as a stock or commodity) in a pyramiding transaction

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