Meaning of RUBBER in English

(SUBSTANCE) [noun] [U] - an elastic substance made either from the juice of particular tropical trees or artificiallyTyres are almost always made of rubber.a bouncy rubber ballwaterproof rubber bootsthe rubber industryRubber seals on pipes or machines make joints waterproof.(UK and ANZ) A rubber is an eraser. See at erase (RUB AWAY).(esp. US slang) A rubber is a condom (= covering worn on the penis when having sex to prevent pregnancy or disease).A rubber band (also elastic band) is a thin ring of rubber used for holding things together.She put a rubber band around my papers for me.See picture: StationeryA rubber dinghy is a small rubber boat which has air in it to keep its shape.A rubber plant is a plant with dark green shiny leaves that comes originally from Asia and is now grown and kept inside.A rubber-stamp is a small device with raised letters made of rubber that is used for printing the date, name of an organization, etc. on documents.(disapproving) If a person or organization rubber-stamps something, they give automatic approval to it.The boss makes the decisions and the committee just rubber-stamps them.A rubber tree is a type of tropical tree from which latex (= liquid which is used to make rubber) is obtained.

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