Meaning of RUBBER in English

rub ‧ ber S3 /ˈrʌbə $ -ər/ BrE AmE noun

1 . [uncountable] a substance used to make tyres, boots etc, which is made from the juice of a tropical tree or artificially:

a rubber ball

2 .

[countable] British English

a) a small piece of rubber or similar material used for removing pencil marks from paper SYN eraser American English

b) an object used for cleaning marks from a ↑ blackboard SYN eraser American English

3 . [countable] American English informal a ↑ condom

4 . rubbers [plural] American English old-fashioned rubber shoes or boots that you wear over ordinary shoes when it rains or snows SYN galoshes

5 . [countable] a series of games of ↑ bridge or ↑ cricket

6 . [countable] the piece of white rubber where the ↑ pitcher (=person who throws the ball) stands in a baseball game

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