Meaning of SIX in English


[determiner], [pronoun], [noun] - (the number) 6There were six horses in the field.I'd like six, please.Look for a bus with a (number) six on the front of it. [C]The crowd cheered when Richards hit a six (= six points in cricket, scored when the player hits the ball to the edge of the playing area without it touching the ground first). [C]Alan is a six-footer (= is six feet or 1.83 metres tall) already and he's only fifteen.(informal) We've been at sixes and sevens (= in a confused, badly organized or undecided situation) this week.(informal) "Shall we go by car or train?" "I don't know, it's six of one and half a dozen of the other (= there is no difference)."(UK dated informal) Ian was given six of the best (= a beating, usually of six hits with a stick, given to a student at school as a punishment) for misbehaving.(humorous) Someone who is six feet under has died and been buried.There's no point worrying about it - we'll both be six feet under when the oil runs out.Why don't you bring a six-pack (= a set of six cans or bottles of a drink, esp. beer, sold in a plastic or cardboard container) round and we'll watch football on television.Pulling his six-shooter (= a small gun which holds six bullets) from his belt, the sheriff fired three shots at the horse thieves.

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