Meaning of SKELETON in English


[noun] [C] - the frame of bones supporting a human or animal bodyChildren should drink milk to help them develop strong skeletons.The farmer found an old skeleton when he was digging his field.Her long illness reduced her to a skeleton (= made her very thin).(figurative) After years in the prison camps, the prisoners were just skeletons (= were extremely thin).(figurative) The skeleton of the office block (= a frame onto which something is to be built or added) has been built very quickly, but it will take longer to add the walls.(figurative) The skeleton of my book is written/My book is in skeleton form - now I just have to add the details.See picture: SkeletonThe hospital has a skeleton staff (= the smallest number of people needed to keep it working) at weekends.The local bus company only runs a skeleton service (= a limited number of bus rides or routes) on Sundays.A skeleton key is one which will open several doors.(figurative) Most families have one or two skeletons (in the cupboard/US also closet) (= secrets which would cause embarrassment if they were known).

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