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skeleton key




Scattered around him were complete skeletons reminding him of when his country was able to produce crops and feed animals.

The skulls and one complete skeleton in rotting clothes had leered out of magazines.

Often we have only fragments of bones to build up a mental picture of the final complete skeleton .

One almost complete skeleton of Crassigyrinus had previously been known from only one skull fragment.

When it was demolished, two complete skeletons were found walled up inpart of the building.


Vertebrates do it by means of a backbone and internal skeleton , arthropods achieve structural rigidity by means of a tough external skeleton or shell.

The external skeleton has one incidental quality which has had momentous results.

Most of their taxonomic characters are evident in the external skeleton .

All three sections are enclosed within an external skeleton made, primarily, of chitin.

The chitinous external skeleton seems to be particularly responsive to the demands of evolution.


And indeed it was something very different - the bones of a human skeleton , a few pieces of clothing still on it.

The moon and the star are personified, the skyscraper is a human skeleton with bones and ribs.

The workmen were ordered to clear the fall of earth away and it wasn't long before a human skeleton was discovered.

One has only to glance at a human skeleton to see the numerous segments of the vertebral column.



The judges hearing the appeal will read the skeleton arguments prior to the hearing along with the notice of appeal and the judgment appealed.

A skeleton argument should therefore be as succinct as possible.

Skeleton arguments are not pleadings and, save in exceptional cases ... need not answer the skeleton arguments of the other side.


The doc pointed out how appropriate it was to have a Skull in a skeleton crew .

Various versions were filmed on closed sets with skeleton crews and strict security.

Without you ghost ferries would cross the Mersey manned by skeleton crews .


Alexander Rokovssky carefully inserted a skeleton key , and slowly turned it.

The Children as skeleton keys to open every door.

Offer him a set of skeleton keys ?

He fumbled for his skeleton keys and realised that he had not brought them with him from the car.

These jokers will be experts with skeleton keys .


The skeleton staff were no match for Massenga and his team of ex-Security policemen.

The Republicans and Democrats tick over with a skeleton staff and then hire specialist consultants for each campaign.

The Automobile Association skeleton staff trio will be huddled in front of their personal computer screens relaying road conditions to drivers.

A skeleton staff was on duty to keep the world-wide operations of Royalbion ticking over.

There was only a skeleton staff on duty and no one took much notice of him.

Last night a management spokeswoman said a skeleton staff was working and would produce a newspaper.

Voice over A skeleton staff of eight is finishing off the company's orders.

On the late shift the desk and telephone switchboard are often covered by a skeleton staff or a night porter.


For the structural engineer considering how to design a steel skeleton for the skyscraper, there were certain important implications.

Before the steel skeleton , tall buildings were made of stone.

Two raising gangs were working separately to construct the next two floors of the steel skeleton .

They would stay with the building until topping out, the traditional ceremony that marks the completion of the steel skeleton .



Secret chambers abound within, one of which is said to contain the skeleton of the Monster of Glamis.

The importance of the Temple Butte is that it contains fossil skeletons of primitive fish.


These are created in conjunction with a skeleton layout for whatever document you wish to produce and consist of a number of tags.


On the other hand, Minter had evidently found no skeleton in his cupboard, for all his efforts to do so.

There he found the skeleton of a whale, a sperm whale, which had become a shrine for the natives.

Ben, in his lonely walks around the island, had found the skeleton and found the treasure.

They've found twelve skeletons , some of which date back almost two thousand years.

Workmen on the site have been helping archaeologists to find the remaining skeletons .

Charlie's found a skeleton in his garden.


The office building's steel skeleton rose above the skyline.

We watched her go from a healthy girl to a skeleton in just a few months.


He had watched it in early May, as the tiny breaking leaves spread a pinkish haze over the magnificent skeleton .

Is essential for normal skeleton development in children and adolescents, and for maintaining high bone density in young adults.

It leaves a fully intact and unmodified skeleton at its place of death.

One of the skeletons has an Amulet of Coal about its neck.

The plate showed the clear outline of a skeleton !

The skulls and one complete skeleton in rotting clothes had leered out of magazines.

Today he is making skeletons for Halloween.

Unlike caffeine, these molecules have only two methyl groups attached to their xanthine skeleton .

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