Meaning of SNUFF in English


(PUT OUT) [verb] [T] - to put out (a flame, esp. from a candle), usually by covering it with something so that it has no oxygenOne by one she snuffed (out) the candles. [T or M]It will take weeks to snuff out the burning grassland. [M]To snuff something out is also to end it.Italy's fourth goal well and truly snuffed out any hopes that England may have had of winning this game. [M]The country has been able to celebrate the return of its independence so brutally snuffed out in 1940. [M] (US) In the end they hoped his life would be snuffed out (= he would die) so he wouldn't suffer any more. [M](esp. [UK and ANZ] dated informal) To snuff it it is to die.(informal) A snuff movie is a pornographic film (= sex film) in which one of the actors or actresses is really murdered in order to provide the viewer with extra excitement.Links have been suggested between the death of several boys in the London area and the alleged making of child 'snuff movies'.

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