Meaning of SNUFF in English


[snuff] n [ME snoffe] (14c) 1: the charred part of a candlewick

2. a obs: umbrage, offense b chiefly Scot: huff

[2]snuff vt (15c) 1: to crop the snuff of (a candle) by pinching or by the use of snuffers so as to brighten the light

2. a: to extinguish by or as if by the use of a snuffer--often used with out b: to make extinct: put an end to--usu. used with out "an accident that ~ed out a life" [3]snuff adj (1975): characterized by the sensationalistic depiction of violence; esp: featuring a real rather than a staged murder "~ movies" [4]snuff vb [akin to D snuffen to sniff, snuff--more at snivel] vt (1527) 1: to draw forcibly through or into the nostrils

2: scent, smell

3: to sniff at in order to examine--used of an animal ~ vi 1: to inhale through the nose noisily and forcibly; also: to sniff or smell inquiringly

2. obs: to sniff loudly in or as if in disgust

3: to take snuff [5]snuff n (1570): the act of snuffing: sniff [6]snuff n [D snuf, short for snuftabak, fr. snuffen to snuff + tabak tobacco] (1683) 1: a preparation of pulverized tobacco to be inhaled through the nostrils, chewed, or placed against the gums

2: the amount of snuff taken at one time -- up to snuff : of sufficient quality: meeting an applicable standard

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