Meaning of SNUFF in English


1. n. & v.

--n. the charred part of a candle-wick. trim the snuff from (a candle).

Phrases and idioms:

snuff it Brit. sl. die. snuff out

1. extinguish by snuffing.

2 kill; put an end to.

Etymology: ME snoffe, snuffe: orig. unkn. 2. n. & v.

--n. powdered tobacco or medicine taken by sniffing it up the nostrils.

--v.intr. take snuff.

Phrases and idioms:

snuff-coloured dark yellowish-brown. up to snuff colloq.

1. Brit. knowing; not easily deceived.

2 up to standard.

Etymology: Du. snuf (tabak tobacco) f. MDu. snuffen snuffle

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