Meaning of SPACE in English

(EMPTY PLACE) [noun] - an empty place (for something)That big table takes up too much space in my small kitchen. [U]Is there any space for my clothes in that cupboard? [U]The agency was running out of storage space, and every nook and cranny was filled. [U]When the roads are wet, you must leave plenty of space between you and the car in front. [U]Where shall I put these plates? - there's no empty space on the shelves. [U]There isn't much parking space for the shop customers. [U]They found a parking space close to the museum. [C]We must remember to leave/save space for the tulips in the flowerbed. [U]There were only two spaces (= seats) left for the concert. [C]The (blank) space at the end of the form is for your name. [C]Prime office space is very expensive in this part of town. [U]See also airspace.Space is also that which is around everything that exists and which is continuous in all directions.He was absent-mindedly staring/gazing into space (= looking, but seeing nothing).Virtual Reality aims to give us artificial worlds to explore, outside normal space and time.Open space is land, esp. in a town, which has no buildings on it.What I like about Cambridge is that there's so much open space - there are parks and commons everywhere.About half the land, including the golf course, would be left as open space.Wide open spaces are large areas of open countryside.I love the wide open spaces of central Australia!In/Within a short space of time (= Very quickly) you could be speaking perfect English!In/Within/During the space of (= After) four hours, most of the town had been destroyed.A space-bar on a computer keyboard or a typewriter is the long bar below the letter keys which you press in order to make a space between words.A space-saving device, piece of furniture etc. is something that doesn't take up much room, for example a folding bed.(specialized) Space-time is a part of Einstein's Theory of Relativity, which adds the idea of time to those of height, depth and length.

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