Meaning of SPECTRUM in English


[noun] [C] [plural] spectra or spectrums - the set of colours into which a beam of light can be separated, or a range of waves, such as light waves or radio waves, or (figurative) a range of opinions, feelings, etc.The colours of the (visible) spectrum - red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet - can be seen in a rainbow.The radio spectrum (= range of radio waves) has been opened up for the use of mobile phones.(figurative) The proposal has been supported by people right across the political spectrum/people on all sides of the political spectrum (= range of political opinion).(figurative) Our class includes students from both ends of the social spectrum (= range of social classes).(figurative) A wide spectrum (= range) of opinion was represented at the meeting.(figurative) At one end of the spectrum (= range of opinions) are the conservatives, and at the other end are the radicals.

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