Meaning of SPECTRUM in English


transcription, транскрипция: [ ˈspektrəm ]

n. (pl. spectra) 1 the band of colours, as seen in a rainbow etc., arranged in a progressive series according to their refrangibility or wavelength. 2 the entire range of wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation. 3 a an image or distribution of parts of electromagnetic radiation arranged in a progressive series according to wavelength. b this as characteristic of a body or substance when emitting or absorbing radiation. 4 a similar image or distribution of energy, mass, etc., arranged according to frequency, charge, etc. 5 the entire range or a wide range of anything arranged by degree or quality etc. 6 (in full ocular spectrum) an after-image. øspectrum (or spectral) analysis chemical analysis by means of a spectroscope. [L, = image, apparition f. specere look]

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