Meaning of STATEMENT in English

[noun]If you make a statement you express something formally, publicly and officially, usually as an explanation of something which has happened, or you do something which makes it clear what your opinion is. What you express is your statement.The police made a statement about their investigation to the press. [C]After the prisoner had made his statement the police officer asked him to sign it. [C]He threw paint over the fur coats because he wanted to make a statement about cruelty to animals. [C]She said that their statements were false and that she had not been involved. [C]We were not surprised by their statement that the train services would be reduced. [C + that clause]I think your story is a fair statement (= description) of what happened. [C]A (bank) statement is a piece of paper which gives a list of the amounts of money paid into and taken out of your bank account during a particular period of time and the total amount that is left.(formal) The facts of the case need honest statement (= need to be expressed honestly). [U]

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