Meaning of STILL in English


(GREATER DEGREE) [adverb] [not gradable] - to an even greater degree or in an even greater amountThe number of people killed in the explosion is likely to rise still higher.The company is hoping to extend its market still further.However much the children are given, they always seem to want still more.Still more snow fell overnight.It takes us a long time to get to my parents' house from here, and still longer to get to my sister's.The bracelet was expensive, but the necklace was more expensive still.I'll meet you at the theatre. No, better still, let's meet in a pub and have a drink first.I'm worried that his car has broken down, or worse still, that he's had an accident.Why do you have to tell me still (= even) more lies?I don't want you to make still (= even) more excuses.

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