Meaning of STILL in English


1. adj., n., adv., & v.


1. not or hardly moving.

2 with little or no sound; calm and tranquil (a still evening).

3 (of sounds) hushed, stilled.

4 (of a drink) not effervescing.


1. deep silence (in the still of the night).

2 an ordinary static photograph (as opposed to a motion picture), esp. a single shot from a cinema film.


1. without moving (stand still).

2 even now or at a particular time (they still did not understand; why are you still here?).

3 nevertheless; all the same.

4 (with compar. etc.) even, yet, increasingly (still greater efforts; still another explanation). & intr. make or become still; quieten.

Phrases and idioms:

still and all colloq. nevertheless. still life (pl. still lifes)

1. a painting or drawing of inanimate objects such as fruit or flowers.

2 this genre of painting. still waters run deep a quiet manner conceals depths of feeling or knowledge or cunning.


stillness n.

Etymology: OE stille (adj. & adv.), stillan (v.), f. WG 2. n. an apparatus for distilling spirituous liquors etc.

Phrases and idioms:

still-room Brit.

1. a room for distilling.

2 a housekeeper's storeroom in a large house.

Etymology: obs. still (v.), ME f. DISTILL

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