Meaning of STILL in English


adj. 1 quiet, serene, placid, calm, tranquil, motionless, unmoving, peaceful, pacific, at rest, quiescent, even, flat, smooth, inert, stationary, undisturbed, unruffled In the moonlight, the lake lay still and dark 2 silent, quiet, noiseless, soundless; hushed, restful, Literary stilly Be still or they'll hear you! In the still night I heard the distant sound of an owl

n. 3 stillness, hush, quiet, silence, tranquillity, noiselessness, peacefulness, calm In the still of the evening came the call of the nightingale

adv. 4 even now, to or till or until this or that time, (up) till or until now, yet Henry came for dinner five years ago, and he's here still Do you still smoke? 5 even, in addition Hugh weighed twenty stone when you last saw him, but he's heavier still today 6 notwithstanding, yet, even then Are you still going to Sue's party, despite what she said? 7 motionless(ly), quiet(ly), silent(ly), stock-still Lie still while I put on this bandage

conj. 8 however, but, notwithstanding, nevertheless, even so, in any event, in any case She said she'd be here; still, you never know, she may come later

v. 9 calm, allay, assuage, alleviate, relieve, silence, lull, quiet(en), pacify, soothe, mollify, appease, subdue, suppress A few kind words and she had stilled my fears

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