Meaning of STRICTLY in English

[adverb]I have acted strictly in accordance with the regulations at all times.It is essential that the safety procedures are strictly adhered to.Their salaries are not strictly comparable (= cannot be directly compared) because of the differences in UK and US tax rates.Should I mark this letter to your accountant 'strictly confidential'? Broadcasting was strictly controlled throughout the war.The proposed change in the law would make abortion illegal except for strictly defined medical reasons.The speed limit is strictly enforced on urban roads.The use of cameras in this museum is strictly forbidden.This unrepeatable half-price offer is only available for a strictly limited period.Are all these questions strictly (= really) necessary?Political donations made by trade unions are more strictly regulated than those made by companies.Strictly speaking (= Being completely accurate), Great Britain consists of Scotland, Wales and England, and the United Kingdom consists of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

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